Night Court: “Let me tell you about ChairBNB”

Night Court was back with a new episode this week, and we got classic Dan Fielding, involved in an investment plan that could either make everyone wealthy or the victims of a ponzi scheme.

We had a Mark Zuckerberg wannabe make a cold pitch to the court and win over Dan in the process. Abby would find out that the developer had scammed investors before but Dan insisted on staying the course, indifferent to the risk for everyone else as long as he still had the chance to become wealthy.

Because it would essentially end the show, the team’s sabotage attempt was discovered and they were kicked out of the investor’s circle. The developer would end up being honest, leaving the team out of a billion dollar enterprise. A hard lesson to be learned by all.

The ep was fine but the real entertainment was elsewhere. Lets take a look at some notes..

It was good to see Pete Holmes again. While I don’t want Rand to marry Abby, he does amp things up as much as a character like that can.

So Abby knows that Neil is in love with her. How does someone like Abby get stuck with two losers? This could be the dorkiest love triangle ever. I suspect that all of this will eventually have to come down to a confrontation. That should be an interesting slap-fight.

India de Beaufort looked insane in that dress. Respectfully, she was breathtaking. Wow.

It should be a fun stretch to the finale. I’m invested. See you next time.

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