July 24, 2024

The Big Door Prize: We should probably start paying attention to those dots

We got another episode of “The Big Door Prize” this week, and no, the show hasn’t alluded to its main title yet, and even the mysterious Morpho machine seemed to take a back seat this week. But, we should probably start paying attention to what’s happening to the main character.

Of course, I’m talking about Dusty. The blew dots on his rear are still multiplying. Before there were five, now there are seven. At least according to “explorer” Hawaii (Emily Topper).

What does that mean? I’ve got a guess.

Normally, in fictional works, its symbolic of something taking over. Now, Dusty has been one of the more rebellious voices in Deerfield when it comes to the Morpho machine. Could whatever is powering the Morpho be doing this to Dusty? Very possibly. How far will it spread? Is this quirky dramedy going to to take a turn into horror territory? Is he going to get covered in these things. I don’t know.

As for everything else, we got a Trina-centric episode this week and it was good. I think that was one of the characters that we needed some more definition on, and we got that here. There was an uncomfortable, melancholyish feeling with the Kolton party in the basement and I think that was the aim.

I’ve saved the fun stuff for last, with Cass and Dusty heading to a cruise-hotel, where they almost had a threesome with Hawaii. The comedy was on point here. While things got dramatic with Cass and Martha sort of reconciling, it was still the most entertaining part of the episode.

Solid outing. I’ll see you next week.

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