Bel Air: Phil is fighting war where he can’t win all of the battles at once

The most important character on Bel Air right now is Phil. It ain’t even close.

Which is why I’m so glad that Adrian Holmes is so good at what he does with this character, who has to not only carry the legacy of one of the greatest fictional father figures of all time, but be able to take that wisdom and apply it to multiple challenges at one time. Many times in the same episode like he did this week.

Let’s break it down.

He was on the verge of another split with Will. He decided to let it go this week, possibly saving the relationship with his nephew in the process. It would pay off almost immediately. Doc is corrupt. Exactly as he suspected. Now that contract he drafted will likely save them all.

Then there is his law career. Already a founder in a successful firm, he’s at odds with his lone, living partner, who believes that he’s prepared to sell out. And if that wasn’t enough, his ex lover, Erica Baker, is leading the other party. This only strains things with Viv.

I believe Phil will win those battles.

It’s Carlton who worries me. Which is ironic because this is fatherhood, and he’s Phil. They will have to throw him into rehab. It will most likely be Geoffrey who has to do it, but there will need to be some intervening from someone else because Viv is lost, and Phil doesn’t seem to be much further along. Carlton’s episode was scary.

Great episode of Bel Air this week. Root extra hard for Phil as we head towards the finale because he’s got a full plate.

I’ll see you next week!

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