Star Trek Picard: What happened to Jack Crusher and Starfleet is a nightmare, but hope remains

Is it possible to be terrified, but at the same time inspired and hopeful? It is. “Vox” the latest episode of Star Trek Picard is proof. Some of the best science fiction television I’ve ever watched.

We learned that it was indeed the Borg waiting behind that door for Jack in his mind. And we learned that Picard passed on Borg DNA to Jack, which caused him to escape the Titan to go and get assimilated. That would have been bad enough. But we learned that this DNA had been passed to every member of Starfleet younger than 25 through the transporters. At frontier day, the Borg assimilated all of Starfleet. Our Next Generation crew narrowly escaped to a museum where their classic Enterprise was waiting, setting up what is going to be a grand finale for one of the most beloved heroes in fiction.

So much going through my mind right now.

I was angry after learning about Jack. I wished they had killed him. And in a lot of ways, I wish they would have taken out Picard decades ago, in The Best of Both Worlds an episode that haunts me to this day (story HERE). I felt that. I really did.

They killed my boy, Liam Shaw. Yeah, he was a jerk, but never forget what the Borg did to him. And never forget that he was just minding his business before this entire mess started.

Boy, was it easy to start swimming in the sentimentality of the Next Generation crew stepping on to the bridge of the Enterprise. Such great stuff.

This is what we all came here for. *bleep* yeah, I’ll see you next week. Wow.

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