Star Trek Picard

Star Trek: Picard has been propelled this season by the Borg Queen, who was taken back by the team to 2024 where she’s bonded, and kinda assimilated Dr. Jurati. It was this dynamic between Allison Pill and Annie Wersching that stole the show during a pivotal part of the entertainingContinue Reading

Star Trek: Picard was back today with the third episode of it’s second season, and the crew had to get back in time to correct an intervention by Q which has warped their future. Our show kicked off with a terrific fight aboard the ship with Seven defeating her “Husband’s”Continue Reading

Episode 2 of season 2 of “Picard” hit streaming this morning, picking up where we left off last week with Q intervening in the borg invasion and the destruction of the Stargazer. After a short exchange, Q snapped them into another reality. One where Picard is a bloodthirsty military leader,Continue Reading