Star Trek Picard: Fan speculation over what’s happening to Jack Crusher is all over the place

Well, hand it to Star Trek: Picard writers. They’ve got the fans going absolutely nuts on social media right now.

Capping what was another sensational episode with Ro, and Worf and Raffi getting closer to some answers, was Jack Crusher being possessed by some force and taking out four changelings with little effort.

Only he didn’t even know they were changelings.

Let the theories fly.

Did Jack inherit something from Picard’s Borg assimilation?

Is there some kind of connection to Data?

Did a changeling merge with Jack?

What does Beverly know?

Beats me. I have no absolute idea what’s going on.

But that’s not a complaint. This season of Star Trek Picard is already the best of the three. I have no reservations about saying that.

Some other notes:

The Raffi and Worf dynamic is my favorite part of the show at the moment. We knew that Worf wasn’t really dead. They could have waited a bit longer for the reveal, but it still played nicely.

I’m also still really enjoying Liam Shaw. The way he was almost happy that he was going to turn over Picard and Riker to Starfleet so that his life could get back to normal was completely understandable. I actually feel a little bad for the guy. His life is being absolutely ruined at the moment.

There is still a lot to tie up. Jack. The infiltration of Star Fleet. The Shrike is still out there somewhere. And since this is the farewell, we’ll also need some “mop up time” to send us on our way happy.

But boy, am I having fun.

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