Costs for returning to work after homelessness is a problem for some Vets

Unfortunately, if you’re a homeless veteran in Florida (or any other state) for that matter the costs never stop coming. Poverty slams you into the ground, grabs the back of your face and keeps slamming it into the pavement. It’s a constant beating.

Even when you’ve managed to find a dry place to sleep at night and can go back to work.

We wouldn’t be doing justice to the problem if we first didn’t talk about how hard it is for homeless veterans to find work to begin with. We’ve talk about big businesses blocking applicants who live at shelters. We’ve talked about how difficult it is to simply find a place to keep your stuff when you’re working.

But we must also talk about the costs of going to work.

When you’ve got a grip on your life, the costs don’t seem that bad. But when you’ve got nothing they can end a promising job that can help you get a grip before it starts.

Work clothes can cost money. Even more so if you need to buy a new pair of steel toed boots.

You may need special tools to do a job. Many homeless veterans are tradesmen and have to get their tools back.

And then there is transportation costs. Even a bus pass cost money.

Once again, if you’ve got a stable life these costs are relatively small.

If you’re fighting to rebuild your life like myself and so many others are, then it can kill your job before you even start it. Many homeless veterans don’t have a penny to their name. There is no money for anything.

Another unheralded component to this nightmare of being a homeless veteran.

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