Many Florida employers don’t want to hire homeless veterans

It’s painful, observing all sides of the spectrum of how our communities treat veterans.

On one hand, there are the parades and ceremonies where everyone wants to get involved. Many of our elected officials will grow sharp elbows to be included in the photographs. Big companies are happy to sponsor these events to get their names out in the community as “veterans friendly”.

But for goodness sake, don’t let a homeless vet ask these companies for a job.

Such is the case with many big box retailers and Orlando area businesses according to homeless veterans I’ve spoken to.

They don’t want us. They think we’re drug addicts. They think we’re drunks. They think we’re not capable of keeping it together.

But these same companies will tell you that they support veterans 100 percent when their in the spotlight.

If you want to know how serious Florida businesses are against the hire of homeless veterans, they learn and blacklist the addresses of shelters in their community.

How messed up is that?

And what’s painful about this entire thing is that work is our only ladder to getting out of the shelters, and back into stable homes to rebuild our lives.

We can’t do that if companies aren’t even willing to talk to us.

This kind of behavior needs to be made public in our business communities.

It’s just another example of insult to injury in the lives of homeless veterans in Florida.

Don’t believe a company when they tell you they support veterans in front of a TV camera. Believe them when they’re helping us when we’re down and no one is watching.

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