Tuesday Reflections: Fight, Fight, Fight…

The depression you experience after you lose everything is devastating. So much so, that you don’t feel like fighting anymore. When you lose your home you want to quit. You want to crawl into a hole and disappear.

But myself, along with many others in Orlando have to push that depression everyday in this housing crisis.

I’ve mentioned before how you can only go so fast to dig yourself out in Orlando. As if the soaring rent and expenses didn’t already make this a tough mission, you have to wait for the process for help to catch up to you at times.

This is when you have to invent new ways to climb out of this pit. You have to discover new ways to fight.

For me it’s been reaching out to almost anyone I think can help.

Sadly, most of these people don’t care. A lot of unreturned emails, even among some of our elected officials.

It’s a painful reminder that people only want to be around veterans during the holidays and for the parades. They don’t want us when we’re hurting. If they do answer, they’ll just tell you to call the VA.

This is more of a mission of education. There are so few that understand the struggles that homeless Orlando veterans go through.

Some of them don’t want to know. It disturbs their oblivious bliss.

On the positive side, there are some good people that will listen. They will at least explore ways to help struggling veterans.

The answers still aren’t there. And we’re still overly dependent on the VA.

But slowly finding allies does make this soul draining pain a little more bearable.

Dear Readers: Times are tough. I’m struggling. If you can help the blog below, it would be a great help.

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