What would you do if you lost everything and became homeless?

If you’ve been keeping up with this blog recently, you know that I’m once again struggling in the Orlando housing crisis with nowhere to go. It’s a waking nightmare that I wish would just end.

But I have a question?

Have you ever wondered what you would if you lost everything and became homeless?

It’s a life changing tragedy that can change who you are. You’re confidence never fully recovers from losing the game of life.

But everyone should close their eyes and think about it. They need to wonder what they would do if the economy of their hometown turned against them in the worst way possible and forced them to throw away everything they couldn’t carry and and hit the street.

They would have to consider where they would go. Your family can only help you for so long. If you’re like me, you may have no family to turn to.

You may have friends, but we have to be realistic, most of our friendships aren’t built for taking refuge in one’s home. There are most likely relationships that would be strained and it could do more damage than good.

If you didn’t have a friendly roof to turn to, it would have to be a car or motel. It may be a shelter like myself.

But mind you all of the choices are bad. Cars need gas. Motels need money. And shelters don’t offer the kind of sleep and security most of us need to be happy.

And most importantly, one would have to consider how they would get out.

None of these questions have easy answers. And I pray you never have to answer them.

I still don’t have any answers and the scary part is that many of the services that are supposed to help homeless veterans don’t either.

My advice is to do this exercise for a few minutes. Open your eyes and be grateful for everyone and everything you have. Because when many of us open our eyes, reality is still waiting and it leaves us asking what we did to deserve such a terrible fate.

Dear readers. Things are bad. You can help out the blog below. If you have any questions, you can reach me at Torres.fjr@gmail.com

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