Many Homeless Veterans Can’t Help But Feel “Broken”

When you’ve lost everything and someone asks you “How are you doing?” there is pinch that you may feel. At least I know I feel the pinch.

Etiquette calls for you to say “Oh, I’m fine”. You may have been raised to not unload your problems on someone you may be meeting for the first time.

But when you’re down and you need help, you have to tell the truth and introduce that tough subject matter into the conversation. Because you’re not fine. Being homeless can destroy you.

“I feel pretty bad. I understand why I’ve lost everything but I still wasn’t smart enough to prevent it. I feel broken.” is what you might say.

And many homeless veterans that are being honest about their situation will tell you the same thing.

You have nothing to make you feel otherwise. You’ve failed to support yourself. You chose your path and it’s led you to poverty and misery.

You are a failure. And you’ve failed everyone who ever took an interest in trying to make sure you were a success.

And the process of climbing out of homelessness is so miserable and the system is so overwhelmed that there is this recurring sentiment of failure.

Is it possible to fix us? I don’t know.

There are a very few people who are trying to help us but they’re slammed wall to wall with work. They offer nothing but a few generalities.

Our elected leaders only want us for the parades and photo opps. If we’re struggling, they’d rather we disappear.

In the past few weeks of being without a home, I’ve written dozens of lawmakers.

Only about a third responded. And half of those were deflections to other organizations.

It’s no wonder why veterans suicide keeps increasing.

We believe we’re broken. And no one is telling us otherwise.

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