To Succeed and Fail in Orlando: A painful comparison

Right now, I’m without a home in Orlando. I’ve been in this town since early childhood, and I offer a painful perspective that I can share with you with the hope you’ll never have to experience it one day.

I’ve succeeded in the City Beautiful in the past.

And now sadly, I’ve failed.

It’s two completely different realities.

When I was successful, I was among not only the city’s leaders but Florida’s leaders as well. Orlando when you’re succeeding can be heaven. We’ve got palatial resorts. The food is wonderful. Driving down the interstates here on most afternoons can be picturesque. And the weekends in the different neighborhoods can be varying kinds of wonderful.

Then there is the view I have now. The palaces are collapsing on failing communities leaving us with nowhere to go. We can’t afford food anywhere. Even McDonald’s has a painful price tag. And we can’t drive, leaving us out of distance for services we need. The heat punishes us and can kill us if we’re not careful.

Obviously, it’s much better to succeed than fail here. But despite my best efforts and others who work hard to keep up, it just doesn’t happen and we lose everything.

There was a part of me that wanted to leave again when this happened. Not only because I knew recovery would be more difficult, but because I didn’t want to remember the community that made me this way.

In the end Orlando not only built me up, but it’s painfully tearing me down.

What do you do when you can’t go home in Orlando?

Friends. Times are tough for me right now. You can help out below if you’d like. If you have any questions, please write me at

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