Saturday Reflections: Weekends for those struggling in Orlando are for depression

You can fight. Take every second of your waking existence trying to prevent yourself from becoming homeless in Orlando.

But the process will stop the clock for you. Every Friday at 5pm.

Such is my case in this Orlando housing crisis trying to find some way to pull myself up.

It’s Saturday. All of the offices are closed. Of course they’ll be closed tomorrow too.

And heaven help you if there is a national holiday on Monday. That’s three nights on the street or in the shelter.

You can rattle away online if you have access. But those wheels won’t move until Monday either.

You can try to knockout a Craigslist job. But if you don’t have a car, you can’t make it to the worksite in Orlando on the weekend.

These are things that are happening to me right now.

So, you have to sit, wait, and save what little resources and energy you do have.

Eventually, depression find you and punishes you for your inactivity. Then the sadness comes and the voices of doubt begin to speak.

“You’re a loser. How could you let this happen to you?”

“Look around you. What would your mentors say about you right now?”

“Your past achievements are meaningless. The only time that matters is the present. And presently, you’re a failure at life. Thank goodness you never had any children.”

It hurts. You try to self rationalize. Convince yourself that your own tough love is a symbol that your still fighting to make a better life for yourself. But that never lasts.

And the weekends that you wished would last forever when you were successful now can’t end soon enough.

I’ll talk to you tomorrow.

Friends. Times are tough. You can help out below if you’d like. You can also reach me directly at

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