Aurora VA prosthetics scandal is proof we need more oversight

An infuriating report out of Aurora, Colorado on Monday morning, confirmed that the prosthetics chief of that Department of Veterans Affairs facility canceled 1000 orders leaving veterans without help. (story HERE).

This is why we need more eyeballs on the VA and not less.

I’ve said many times that most of the frontline staff at the VA are pretty good. The biggest obstacle to our fellow brothers and sisters is actually getting in the room to get care.

Most of the VAs severe problems are due to poor leadership at the higher levels. That’s how this terrible act was allowed to occur.

The discovery of this scandal should do little to give us closure. That’s because this prosthetics chief is still collecting a paycheck from us.

Unfortunately, the VA protects bad employees by moving them and not terminating them. They continue to earn a good living off of the suffering of veterans.

When are we going to learn? It doesn’t seem like we’re going to get the lesson anytime soon.

And all of this stings even more as I struggle with homelessness. This kind of corruption at the VA should worry veterans everywhere because these are just the problems that we’re seeing. We have no idea how many other shortcuts are being taken all over the country.

This is why we must continue to talk to our lawmakers. The VA will always have the higher ground with everything we do and they can tune out our concerns whenever they like.

We must continue to be voices for transparency. Our lives may depend on it.

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