Homeless Veterans often won’t received specialized care they deserve

It bears repeating. There are good people out here fighting the good fight against homelessness, not nearly enough of them, but their hearts are strong.

Sadly, their efforts are being poured into a broken system. Especially when it comes to helping homeless veterans like myself.

The system is terribly broken because homeless veterans don’t always get the specialized care we need.

Right now, we’re in the same queue as individuals getting out of jail and detoxing from drugs.

While those groups certainly deserve the chance to get rehabilitated and rebuild their lives, it does add another hurdle to veterans who are also trying to rebuild.

Community partners that don’t have enough resources have to blend all of the groups together. This means more delays. Muddled care plans. And less veterans that are getting the help they need.

This all adds up to longer recovery times for veterans who have to share services and facilities.

What we need are community partners who are dedicated to providing veterans with that specialized care in an environment that allows them to get back on their feet as quickly as possible.

The VA subsidizes these services. Those funds shouldn’t be getting mixed in with other operations that aren’t helping vets.

Myself and many other veterans aren’t in trouble with the law or suffering with an addiction to drugs. That actually propels a negative stereotype about veterans.

We just need a place to live and a chance to receive the benefits we earned with our time in uniform.

That shouldn’t be too much to ask.

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