Sunday Reflections: Service for Sadness

As I sit here on an early Sunday morning, I get an abundance of time to reflect on how bad life has been recently. Sundays can be the worst when you have nothing. Everything stops. While others are enjoying the day to do the things they enjoy, those who have nothing are frozen where they are with nothing, and no opportunities to make their lives better when everything is closed.

This Sunday, I look back at my military service and I feel a great deal of sadness and frustration.

Not at the work. My time in uniform was an honor and will always be some of the greatest times of my life.

But where my service has gotten me today. No help during the worst period of my life.

The wheels have stopped when it comes to help from the Department Of Veterans Affairs. I haven’t heard any progress on housing, work, education.

Now, if you felt a pinch there. Remember that these are services earned. I completed my obligation with an honorable discharge. If they would let me, I’d go back today. And thousands of other veterans would as well.

But instead, we get nothing.

My service has given me sadness.

It didn’t give me a trade to live on. It’s health care is a web of red tape, where at times it feels like you’ve got to beg for a doctor’s attention.

And it’s left me alone.

This sounds like a pity party. But goodness, I spend every minute fighting for a better life. I’m fighting hard and trying to stay safe while I’m doing it.

But right now, the only thing remaining with me from my service is a sadness and regret that everything could have turned out so much better….

Dear friends. Times are really bad. If you’d like to help out below, you can. Also read other ways you can help HERE.

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