Star Trek Picard: How the show got me to start rooting for Jack Crusher

“He’s kind of a little $&*&. Isn’t he?”

That was my first impression of Jack Crusher played actually very well by Ed Speelers. Any negativity here shouldn’t cross over to the actor.

But I’m just sick of these legendary heroes forcing their crappy kids on me. Indiana Jones, Dexter Morgan, John McClaine from Die Hard, even Angel from the classic TV show. All had sons that I would have been perfectly content seeing fall into a bottomless pit Mario-style.

However, this week’s Star Trek: Picard corrected it’s course with Jack Crusher. The son of our beloved Jean-Luc and Beverly.

“How did they do that?” You might be asking or I’ll just ask myself out loud if you don’t care.

The scene with Captain Shaw (someone who I do think has been right the entire time, post HERE).

He gave us some humanity. That’s it. It wasn’t any complicated world breaking feat. He just proved to us that he’s not a jerk.

He apologizes to Shaw because he understands that this whole fiasco is mostly because of him. They could have handed him over and been on their way.

“I’m sorry. I never met for any of this to happen.”

Forgiven. Now, I’m ready to ride with this guy. And I was happy to see him in action this week and sad for the three seconds he was dead.

Some other notes…

This season really is off to a wonderful start. I know that Picard is supposed to be losing his edge to his longtime #1 guy in Riker. I suspect he’ll redeem himself sooner than later.

Loving the Raffi and Worf team-up. They’re more alike than we think, and I’ve always been able to relate with them.

I’m invested. I already can’t wait until next week!

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