Grand Crew: Season 2 premiere immediately brings the laughs back

Grand Crew is a funny show. I was happy to see NBC give it more time to develop after its first season featured just as many laughs per minute as other comedies on the network. The show operates in a style that ramps up the plot by adding more ridiculous elements each moment. Its a solid formula.

And the season 2 premiere did it almost perfectly.

Let’s start with that Noah flashback, where he and Simone get married and give birth to the saxophone player responsible for the resurgence of jazz, who plays as they both die at exactly the same time after a long and happy marriage. It was silly. But it was also impossible not to smile at with the commitment given to the jokes.

And then we just have to start listing off all of the funny moments. Sherman’s Car Service. Ron Ron (who should be a recurring character), the whole Nikki and Michael secret relationship, the glorious bachelor party on the train. And finally, the reveal of Courtney, the man who would actually end up marrying Simone after Noah didn’t make the ceremony.

But it’s all good though. Noah and Simone are still dating in front of him.

And we had some upkeep on the Anthony and Fay “will they or won’t they” angle.

The season 2 premiere was a win. An indisputably funny time.

I’ve been vocal about moving the show from Tuesdays to Fridays, where the eyeballs will be harder to find. Let’s hope Grand Crew can break that trend. Its funnier than a lot of the other nonsense on television these days.

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