Grand Crew

Grand Crew was back this week, and the show is continuing its upward trajectory in it’s second season with another fun episode that used the strengths of all of its cast members, and gave us some more sharp dialog. We had two pods, with the guys tagging along with AnthonyContinue Reading

Grand Crew was back with a new episode this week, and we had another winner as the show continued juggling multiple funny storylines for us to enjoy. Let’s start at the end, with the running theme of Anthony’s ruined haircut, which forced him to wear multiple ridiculous hats. This meantContinue Reading

Grand Crew was back with a new episode this week and the gang opted for a getaway from the city, to reconnect with themselves and each other. It went about as well as you would expect it to go. The Anthony and Fay impasse continued when the former texted theContinue Reading

Watching Grand Crew is an emotionally conflicting experience for me these days. A show this funny shouldn’t be struggling. But it is. Let’s review this week’s excellent outing first. The cold open was another winner with Sherm being played by Nikki into approaching a woman at the bar with hisContinue Reading