Grand Crew: “Peace to You”

Grand Crew was back with a new episode this week and the gang opted for a getaway from the city, to reconnect with themselves and each other.

It went about as well as you would expect it to go.

The Anthony and Fay impasse continued when the former texted the latter a novel and got a “K” in response. What made things worrying was that the “K” was followed by a period. That was really bad according to the guys. We’ll get back to these two in a minute.

Big Sherm immediately fell for a psychic called Journey after arriving at their resort. Journey would give each of the members of the party a reading. Noah would get the death card which led him to purchase some hallucinogenic tea and cause him to see scary children everywhere. Kristen and Sherm would get into a disagreement about the future of their family, and all Nikki wanted was a swimming pool.

In the end Journey would be revealed as a fraud. Noah would indeed find enlightenment. Wyatt and Kristen would find peace with their future, and Nikki got her pool (before being scared away by the same scary child following Noah).

And wouldn’t you know it? Fay and Anthony finally hooked up. Good call. It’s time.

Grand Crew hasn’t had a bad episode in its second season.

Some of my favorite moments.

The Marquan cold opening. I can’t believe we got to see him.

Big Sean in the ride to the resort when Fay ignored Anthony.

Sherm encouraging his psychic crush to “take it to the bridge” during her 10 second song.

And a lot of smaller moments in between.

The show still needs a lot of help in the ratings. If you enjoy the show, watch it, talk about it, tweet about it.

I’ll see you next time.

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