July 13, 2024

The Company You Keep: We don’t really love that they’re in love, do we?

The Company You Keep was back this week, and we actually had two dress up cons with the Nicolettis, as well as more depth with Daphne, and a pair of “I Love You’s” that made me feel absolutely nothing.

Let’s start with Emma telling Charlie, this cat that she’s known for about 48 minutes, that she is in love with him. The delivery made me feel nothing, and I felt exactly like many of you would feel if someone had told you they loved you in such a short amount of time. But the bigger problem is that the idea of Emma and Charlie separating makes me kind of excited for the show. I was almost disappointed to hear Charlie return her words. I think their romance and the David Hill campaign are among the least exciting angles right now.

Am I rooting for a break up? Well..Yeah.

We should also talk about the excellent John Baylor character (played by Paul Blackthorne), I like the extra steps that the Nicolettis had to take to get this fixer’s cache of secrets. And I know I’m always mentioning how great Milo Ventimiglia and William Fichtner are, well, Sarah Wayne Callies was the star this week. The mob girlfriend schtick was a joy to watch, as was the horse racing act from earlier this season.

Let’s also give a shout out to the writers for the handling of the Daphne character. Watching her tap her sorority girl past for a DC favor, was good television.

They decided to spill the secret this week. And this is a good time to revisit our broken romance. There was no weight to the announcement because the romance is the weakest part of the show.

This is a really fun program. But we need to start reevaluating what it does really well before moving on.

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