Rabbit Hole: Corporate Espionage with Kiefer Sutherland offers just enough action for a look

It was almost 22 years ago when Kiefer Sutherland and a group of TV visionairies gave us “24”, the real time thriller that remains arguably the best action television series to date.

When Sutherland and company produced the show that entertained us on and off for almost a decade, they won some permanent equity with me. I will always give his stuff a look, and while Designated Survivor didn’t hit me as hard as it did others, I was looking forward to Rabbit Hole, the new corporate espionage action mystery that hit streamers this week.

Sutherland stars as John Weir (not the figure skater) a company fixer, if you will, that arranges for things to happen that will effect the stock market, politics, and other important events that are dependent on other incidents occurring in their orbit. John makes those things happen. When he’s framed on a job, Weir has to clear his name, while moving along the mysterious agenda that has all of us here to begin with.

The two episode premiere gives us just enough interesting. John Weir is no Jack Bauer, but he’s not supposed to be. But Sutherland is good enough to push the story along. There isn’t a lot else to watch here, only Meta Golding, playing Weir’s conflicted accomplice leaves an impression. We get just a taste of the epic Charles Dance during the premiere. Let’s hope they don’t hold back with him in future episodes.

We get enough action and mystery to stay with Rabbit Hole for a spell. While no one is expecting 24, its great to see Sutherland up and wreaking havoc again.

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