Grand Crew: “Even TD Jakes has a wine now”

Watching Grand Crew is an emotionally conflicting experience for me these days.

A show this funny shouldn’t be struggling. But it is. Let’s review this week’s excellent outing first.

The cold open was another winner with Sherm being played by Nikki into approaching a woman at the bar with his boxing interests, only to end up actually being invited to her place. The laughs kept coming with the discussion over “Uncle Phil con” a convention of people who look like Uncle Phil from the Fresh Prince of Bel Air, and Anthony’s “Who’s brushing tonight?” number with his girlfriend.

We also had Sherm pitching his wine to his friends, only to discover that he may have gotten them all sick botulism. We’d get a payoff on that joke later in the show.

But the main arc revolved around Noah trying to make his relationship with Simone work, while she navigated her arranged marriage to Courtney. Courtney was a loud third wheel at one point asking Noah “Why are you in my home? I don’t even know you meng.”. The two would bond over Lambrusco but Courtney would end up confessing his love for Courtney at a Wyatt’s potluck (where everyone brought Chicken) and calling Noah “a broccoli head ass boy”.

The whole plan imploded and Simone would end up getting deported in a sad moment for us. That wasn’t the only break up we had this week, Anthony’s girlfriend would leave him after she discovered how close he was to Faye (where was she this week?).

It was a great show. But now I have to level with you for a bit.

Last week’s ratings were really not good. NBC will pull this thing if they don’t improve. Talk about show. Tweet about the show. Act like it needs to be saved because it does.

Hopefully, I’ll see you next time.

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