NBC: Its Friday night comedy hour is busted, here is what they could do

It is very possible that all three Friday night comedies that have been featured on NBC this season could be cancelled. This is because the network doesn’t care the bloc of time that is often considered an entertainment desert, as families look for things to do outside of the house and don’t always follow up on Peacock.

We’ve got “Young Rock” who is likely ending its run after three seasons. But make no mistake, despite having one of the biggest movie stars in the world in Dwayne Johnson, the show never found an audience on Friday nights, where NBC plugged it in opposite of Smackdown. A show named after one of Johnson’s catch phrases.

There is Lopez vs. Lopez. Which stars George Lopez, who’s already had a successful comedy show reach syndication. While this iteration isn’t perfect, it has gotten better. But that doesn’t matter. The viewers aren’t finding it.

Then there is the network tank job with “Grand Crew” which may be the funniest show on this post, but was sent out to die by NBC on Friday nights after Young Rock ended. Its ratings are pretty bad. Its a crime how bad this show has been handled.

If NBC cares about its Friday nights, this cant continue. They’ve got to do something different.

They can break up that Law and Order or One Chicago line up. But that won’t happen.

They could move La Brea to Fridays and hope their much more invested audience follows. This allows more comedies to follow Night Court and a bigger potential audience.

They could just give up and go all in on a Dateline Friday line up.

But they have to do something different. We’re going to lose three sitcoms that are better than what a lot of other networks are doing, with proven stars. That’s wrong.

If you enjoy reading about solutions to saving shows like Grand Crew, Young Rock, and Lopez vs. Lopez, help me out below. Thank you.

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