Quantum Leap: Giving Jen something to do pays off with an entertaining mid 80s outing

One of the few gripes I’ve had with Quantum Leap is a bigger cast that has nothing to do back in the real world. While I enjoy Ernie Hudson’s Magic, there is a lot left to be desired back at Quantum Leap that just isn’t as entertaining as following Ben on his leaps.

So producers brought the cast to the leap this week. And it was a lot of fun.

While Addison is my favorite character (looking forward to eventually seeing her field a leap) it was fun to see Jen (Nanrisa Lee) get to help Ben on this week’s mission as a public defender in 1985, trying to clear the name of an innocent client. Jen is a capable character and this is meaningful screen time.

I also enjoyed the “Stranger Things” era. Great sets, wardrobe, and watching Ben go nuts with a Polaroid was just fun. They actually explore the gambling aspect of time travel, which is something I’ve actually wondered about before when tackling money problems on leaps.

That moment when Ben remembered Magic was also pretty cool.

These are victories that can occur when you tinker with a formula, but not to the point of unfamiliarity.

Our next episode looks a little worrisome. Ben is leaping into the body of a psyche ward patient, back when doctors didn’t know what the hell they were talking about with mental health. Any reveals of Ben’s leaping could trap hm there.

Should be an entertaining time.

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