June 23, 2024

Mrs. Davis: The Save Warrior Nun trolls are spamming roll out of promising new show

There is a lot to potentially like about Mrs. Davis, the new AI multi genre program that premieres in April on Peacock.

It has to deal with a rogue, cult-like, artificial intelligence that seems intent on world domination by winning the hearts and minds of whoever will listen.

It stars Betty Gilpin (GLOW) who is built for a show like this one and is overdue for her own star vehicle.

It has featured some intruiging viral marketing that had many of us wondering what it was before the trailer dropped today.

But here comes the “Save Warrior Nun” trolls to ruin it all.

You might know Warrior Nun. Or you might not. That’s why it was cancelled after only two seasons on Netflix.

Anywho, it’s cancellation spawned countless trolls that only know how to spam on Twitter and have actually done more damage than good to their own cause (story HERE).

And simply because its protagonist happens to be a nun, they’ve invaded the Mrs. Davis feed. They want Peacock to pick up the show, even though they sport one of the more robust quality selections on streaming right now, such as the wonderful Poker Face, and the successful revisioning of “The Fresh Prince of Bel Air”.

Still. Warrior Nun though.

I would hope that these trolls do eventually construct a more meaningful way to fight for the show they love. You’ll see me advocating for neglected shows here all of the time.

But I don’t go trolling the feed of other shows, or other networks for that matter and stealing their joy. I’ll never support saving Warrior Nun simply because of the following’s behavior.

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