American Auto: Clifford is constantly killing people

This week, American Auto continued their superior second season with Katherine and the team from Payne Motors getting hacked by a group of cyberterrorists, who demanded a large ransom from the company, or they would release the company’s data.

There was a lot going on.

The best part of the show had to be Katherine negotiating with the terrorist through a video call. I can’t think of a more awkward combination of negotiators. The reveal of the “sexy” photos on the screen absolutely made me lose it. “Is that Wesley in the background!?”. Goodness. That was enjoyable.

We also saw Sadie and Jack pick back up where they left off last season with another fling in the Pika, which was going through some weather testing. Those two had some killer conversation. And yes, I agree with Sadie, Clifford The Big Red Dog, does indeed appear to be killing people at various points of the story.

Harriet Dyer is doing some great physical comedy this season. First she has her nose broken, then this abuse by the elements.

Our third branch had Dori and Cyrus trying to help Wesley hold on to his Cypto funds in a funny arc. The show did a fine job handling multiple angles this week.

Let’s talk about the very final scene where the credits are flashing. We see Elliott at his desk and he says “You’re back in the game now, Ivan.”

The terrorists refer to an “Ivan” during the video call and we see Dori point at Elliott while he grimaces. We never see the two IT guys in the room during the list of demands. Was it them?

I’ll have to look at the final transcripts, but I could totally see a call back to that sometime in the future. Nevermind. He said “E-Bomb”

Great show.

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