July 24, 2024

Night Court: It doesn’t look like Neil is going to back down from Abby because of Rand

We’re back for another new edition of Night Court this week, and the show introduced us to Rand. Abby’s fiance played by John Ritter doppleganger, Pete Holmes (How We Roll) and he was….Fine?

The problem is that the show chose to debut Rand on an episode where there just wasn’t a lot happening. Together Abby and Olivia decided to participate in a marathon and things were pretty uneventful.

Until the final frame. And really after the “lesson statement” of the show.

While talking in her chambers after Abby’s hardcore training ways put her in a lot of pain, Rand reveals that Neil is going to participate in the marathon as well. And that this woman he’s interested in has a boyfriend that is “really tall and annoying”.

Now this is Night Court. We’re not going to see these two drawing pistols at dawn.

But the show still has a lot to discover about where they want to take Abby’s love life. I honestly thought that Rand would be a “one and done” appearance where he would show up and break up with Abby. They could still do that off screen but its likely we’re going to get more of Rand.

The rest of the episode was kind of a dud. While I can appreciate the Dan Fielding mythology, I don’t think we’re at the point where we can celebrate set props yet.

If you thought Bert looked familiar, you would be right. Betsy Sodaro is also currently a recurring character on Ghosts (another FTR show) where she plays one of the basement ghosts.

I’ll see you next time.

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