Gotham Knights: Its good enough for a look if you’re a CW comic show loyalist

Gotham Knights, the latest super hero fare to debut on the CW, where the DC brand has been a staple on the network in some shape or form for two decades, takes an alternative route to telling the story of the Gotham City and its heroes.

They kill off Batman in the first ten minutes of the show.

Indeed, the show revolves around Turner Hayes, the adopted son of Bruce Wayne, who must solve his foster dad’s murder with the help of the also framed children of his enemies. This includes the Joker’s daughter (No, it’s not Harley Quinn’s baby). We’ve also got Harvey “Two Faced” Dent who is basically Turner’s uncle sans the two faces.

It’s off to an OK start. The action is just fine. It feels like a CW show. That may be a good or a bad thing for you.

The bright part of the pilot is Oliva Rose Keegan who plays Duela, said Joker’s daughter, who is the most charismatic of this young cast.

But the honest truth is that the pilot of “Gotham Knights” doesn’t really give us strong impression of what it wants to be from the get go.

In that regard it is interesting enough for a look at and a try out. It’s not a home run. It doesn’t strike out. It’s a blooper single in the most simplest of baseball terms.

What is promising is that the CW knows how to handle DC shows. Most of them have been pretty good. Heck, we’ve got The Flash finally ending its run after all of these years.

Let’s hope Gotham Knights is the start of another immersive comic book adventure for the green brand.

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