School Spirits: Paramount Plus won’t let me watch Peyton List mystery thriller

Well….This sucks.

I was hoping to review School Spririts, but Paramount Plus keeps giving me an error message on my device. And it’s just School Spirits.

Fire Country? Check.
True Lies? Check.
Ghosts? Check.
Picard? Check.

Check the blog. They’re all on here.

But not School Spirits. I’ve been trying to play it since last week when they had their three episode premiere but all I get is a 404 bounce page.

Tried reaching out to Paramount Plus on social media. Crickets..

When you’re trying to checkout #SchoolSpirits but @paramountplus says no.. Viewers don’t have time for this. They’ll move on to something else and it will hurt this young show.

— The Frank Torres Report (@ftrtoday) March 13, 2023

And if it’s happening to me, its happening to thousands of others and hurting this young show.

The program, which stars Peyton List (Cobra Kai) as Maddie Nears as a ghost who is trying to solve her own murder on her high school campus, looks interesting enough. Ghosts are hot now. Paramount knows that because one of the biggest comedies on free TV right now is “Ghosts”.

There are a lot of the same formulaic components. The other ghosts stuck with Peyton are from different eras over the decades. They can’t leave the campus. And that’s all I know.

Because I can’t watch the show on Paramount Plus.

This isn’t the first time Paramount Plus has given me problems. It is the most buggy of the common streamers. It once took me close to two hours to watch an episode of Tulsa King because it kept freezing up on me. That’s not Sylvester Stallone moving slower in his 70s. It’s just Paramount Plus.

And this is unacceptable because we all pay for this service. Be better.

If you enjoy this content, please help me out. Thank you.

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