July 25, 2024

Bel Air: Hillary traded one influencer tyrant for another

Pay attention, kids. Bel Air is trying to tell you something about your dream job.

Everyone wants to be an influencer. Heck, even what I’m doing here with this very blog can be interpreted as influence work. But when it comes to Bel Air, I’m specifically talking about our favorite internet chef, Hillary.

In season one, Hillary moved into the Influencer House, in an attempt to take a step away from her successful parents and pave her own road to greatness.

It hasn’t gone well. She ended up signing away her rights to Kylo, the over-absorbed manager of the influencer house, who posted Hillary’s sexy chef video without her permission.

The good news is that Hillary was able to replace that wannabe Star Wars villain to restructure the management of the house. This time, she got Ivy in charge.

The bad news is that things haven’t gotten any better.

Ivy has only been out for Ivy. She’s actually been seizing some of the ideas Hillary has been coming up with for herself. And in the process has been causing problems, which included driving Jazz’s car without his permission and getting Hillary in trouble.

And this week, she derailed the “Simply” spiked beverage campaign (great advertising opportunity for NBC and Peacock by the way) and inspired herself to push her own generic version of the drink. All for a billboard that will only promote her brand.

These kind of deals are everywhere. Even a smaller publication like myself gets offers fron someone who wants me to do their work and take all of the money.

I’ll be listening for the conclusion of this current arc for Hillary to understand what the lesson is. And you should be too.

And if you’d like to keep me from doing business with an Ivy or a Kylo, please help me out below.

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