Poker Face: Here are 5 things we need to see in Season 2

Poker Face just wrapped its first season, and with renewal already a done deal and critical praise popping up everywhere, its a safe bet to call it successful.

At the end of the first season, Charlie found herself pretty much where she started, declining an offer from Beatrix and the Five Families and going back on the run, resetting the cross country chase that this show does so well in portraying.

But what’s next? Here is are five things we need to see in season 2 of Poker Face..

The Joyce and Irene rematch: Let me tell you something about *bleeping* Joyce and Irene. They’re menaces. Judith Light and S. Epatha Merkerson came awfully close to killing Charlie and it felt personal as hell. These two eco terrorist throwbacks turned mean girls in a nursing home, started out as our friends but just flipped a switch and became our worst enemies. They were unbelievably mean.

Someone who Charlie can’t read: And it needs to be a major guest star. Charlie Cale is gifted at telling when other people are lying. Let’s find her someone who actually gets one by her. Make it a relative or whatever.

More disguises and silliness: Natasha Lyonne has created one of the most likable protagonists on television. She dresses up like a horse to sneak into events. Rushes on stage during plays. She befriends the strangest people at the drop of a hat. Its so much fun. Let’s keep that going.

Charlie in the city: It looks like we hit a lot of the south and west in the first season. Let’s see Charlie in New York, Chicago or Los Angeles.

At least one more Rian Johnson directed episode: He gave us the excellent “Escape from S*** Mountain” outing and we had a “Brick” reunion with Joseph Gordon Levitt. Hopefully, he’ll have time for one more show next season.

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Poker Face: Here are 5 things we need to see in Season 2

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