July 15, 2024

Grand Crew: “Crying in the back of the bakery” the best quotes from “Wine and Neighbors”

Before we get into the quotes from this great episode of “Grand Crew”. We have to give credit to the cast and producers for that great “You don’t have to call montage”. Everybody pregamed to that song back in the day (robe and all). This is a great show. If you like it, try and save it. It needs your help.

Now, on to the funny stuff…

Wyatt: “I don’t know, I just never learned cursive.”
Anthony: “What? How?”
Noah: “What did your signature look like?”
Wyatt: “All caps”

Noah: “You can’t be sad at home… If you’re never at home to be sad.”

Nikki: “You haven’t had sex since your divorce?”
Fay: “Keep it down!”
Wyatt: “That is not that big of a deal. How long you been divorced?”
Fay: “Eighteen months.”
Wyatt: “OH MY GOD!”
Fay: “Calm down”
Nikki: “Calm down? With all of the batteries you’ve been wasting?”

Fay: “I had a really great time.”
Fay’s Date: “I did too. Which is why I’m not going to kiss you. Touch you. Or make any moves. Because I respect you…”

Sherm: “I’m Big Sherm”


Big Sherm: “I don’t use anyone’s real name the first year I meet them. I used to call you ‘Veggieburger’”

Anthony and Big Sherm: (singing together) “Veggie B, Veggie B, Veggie B, that’s me!”

Big Sherm: “There are not enough chairs for the amount of people at this party.”

Lenice: “You guys going to be weird and just stand in a corner all night?”
Big Sherm: “Well, if we had a place to sit….”

Fay’s Date: “You tell Monica I passed her test.”

Noah: (dozing off standing up at a party) “Home is where the heart is. And right now, the heart hurts. I’m out baby. I’m a taking a nap..I mean a lap..”

Wyatt: (after losing his wedding ring) “I have married swag, and without the ring it’s just swag. All of these women are going to think I’m back on the market.”

Nikki: “Immediately Married is not fake. They really get married immediately.”

Nikki: “I like things in two. Shoes. Boobs. The Olsen twins. The Sister Act movies.”

Big Sherm and Anthony: (communicating telepathically) “That’s what I’m talking aboooouuuuuuut”!

Nikki: “You stayed in the back of the bakery?”
Anthony: “Yes, I stayed in the back of the bakery”
Nikki: “There is no way to tell what’s going on back there.”

Big Sherm: “I only visit the back of the bakery for special occasions. Birthdays. The Queens funeral”

Michael: “You can have four kids and not be married. Just ask my buddy, Pooky”

Nikki: “Nebulon Nine sucks”

Bante: “Can I get a little bit of your skin?”
Fay: “What?”
Bante: “Not important skin. Just the extra stuff. Let me exfoliate you.”

(during the credits)
Lanice: “Did you cry in my…”

If you had fun reading this, help me out below. Thank you!

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