July 24, 2024

Fire Country: What we already know about season 2

(Some soft spoilers)

No new Fire Country this week because of March Madness, so I thought I would take a look ahead at what’s in store for the best good bad show on television at the moment. They’re crushing it in the ratings and they were already renewed for season 2 a while back.

That being said, there is already some future news coming down. Both with country music superstar, Kane Brown, making his acting debut in a couple of weeks, but also for next season.

Here is what is in store for season 2..

Much of this is due to Rebecca Mader (Once Upon A Time) and Kanoa Goo (The Rookie) joining the cast.

Bode, Gabby, and Manny will live no matter what happens: No big surprises here especially with star and EP Max Thieriot’s Bode. Both Mader and Goo’s character will be tied to them. That means no matter how dangerous the finale gets, those three characters are probably safe.

And if you’re wondering, no I haven’t heard what happens to Sharon. But the show would be nuts to let Diane Farr go. She’s their best actor.

It might be time for Gabriela to make Bode jealous: Goo is playing Kyle, an old swimming partner to Gabriella, that means Bode, a guy who’s had three love interests floating around at once will have to take a backseat for the first time in their arrangment.

Manny finally gets a lighter story: I guess Mader will be a romantic interest for Manny. This is needed because my man has lost his house, been suspected of being an arsonist, and watched his daughter almost get killed like five times. He’s due for some fun.

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