Shrinking: The best quotes from “Moving Forward”

Another excellent episode of Shrinking in the books. Before we get to the quotes, I want to talk about Sean scanning documents in that office. I did that for years before blogging as I struggled with my own transition out of the military. This show just keeps getting things right.

On to the quotes:

Gabby: (to her patient) “You are the S***”
Patient: “I like when you curse.”
Gabby: “That’s why I do that s***, b****.”
(Later) Gabby: “But seriously, you’re family is codependent as hell”

Jimmy’s brother: (eulogizing his mom) “Sometimes you were really f****** mean and judgemental. You stole thousands of dollars from your church.”
Jimmy: “I did not know that”.

Jimmy: (running from security while dumping his mom’s ashes) “Dump as you go. Dump as you go. Dump and run!”

Alice “Can my grounding be over please?”
Jimmy: “Yes. In two weeks.”
Alice: “That was mean.”
Jimmy: “You stole my car you little f***”
Alice: “Fair”

Alice: “Seriously, what the hell is a Goo Goo Doll?”

Julie: (after hooking up with Paul) “I should put some pants on. See if you can cheer up Mr. Grump here. He’s pissed because he’s an awards winning therapist”
Gabby: “Is he going to win any awards in the bedroom? Schwing!”
Gabby: (later) “Congratulations. This is inspiring. I didn’t think I’d be able to have any sex when I got old. But I’m going to f*** forever. Thank you!”.

Paul: (with Sean and Jimmy) “No prouder moment than when a patient can pay his therapist for rent.”

Jimmy: “Paul has been nominated for a ‘grouchy’. They give it to whoever can spend the most time pissed off for no reason.”

Sean: (to Paul) “Vegas is for families now.”
Jimmy: “So what he’s saying is that you and your grandson can gamble and whore together.”
Paul: “He’d never be able to keep up. I go hard.”

Jimmy: (after sleeping with Gabby) “I’m really good at it..Since I started Zumba”
(Later) Gabby: “Thank you for your safe, safe, d***.
Jimmy: “I don’t know if I told you this but my d*** doesn’t like being called ‘safe’.”
Gabby: “Thank you for your working class d***.”
Jimmy: (high pitched) “I like that. I gotta consult with me union.”

Derek: “You ever look at this tree? Graceful trunk. Sturdy limbs. She’s beautiful.”
Liz: “Derek? Do you want to f*** that tree?”
Derek: “I don’t think it’s legal.”

Jimmy: “Liz, this isn’t about you! This is about Brian and imaginary Charlie and I! You’re the audience. So unless the audience is a group of blueberry eating a****** then you’re not in character. F*** you.”

Paul: “Gabby. Academia is the fifth circle of hell. It goes babies, musicals, magic, kale, academia.”
Gabby: “Don’t go for magic. I went to magic camp. I could pull things out of your ear that could astound you.”

Gabby: “Hey D-Train?”
Derek: “What up, G-Spot?”
Gabby: “You cool if Liz gave $20 grand to Sean’s new catering business?”
Derek: “………Sure”

Jimmy: “Happy Birthday. I love you.”

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