A new “Shrinking” episode this week, directed by “Scrubs” star by Zach Braff. That makes it necessary viewing for me. This time, I’m just getting out of the way, and offering the best quotes from “Boop”.. Enjoy! Paul on the phone with his son in law trying to talk toContinue Reading

Whenever possible I try to watch my new episodes in front of other people. I invite the feedback and it gives me the chance to hear what other people think. But my reactions watching this week’s episode of “Shrinking” had the people in my coffee shop thinking I might needContinue Reading

Shrinking was back this week with a new episode that tried to pick up the pieces, after that surprise hookup between Jimmy and Gabby last week. While I didn’t care for the two getting together, the way they handled the aftermath was about as good as it could get. TheContinue Reading