July 24, 2024

Shrinking: It may be good enough to emotionally carry us after “Ted Lasso”

Like most of you, I’m enjoying both “Ted Lasso” and the beginning of “Shrinking”. With one coming to a close and the other just getting started, you’ve got to wonder if Apple TV and showrunners are trying to make sure we’re shedding tears of joy and frustration for seasons to come, even after our favorite coach eventually rides off into the sunset after this final season.

Shrinking’s third episode was another winner this week. Let’s talk about Ted McGinley, who in very limited screen time has made us laugh each time he’s appeared. He rocked the cold open with some Jefferson Darcy energy, both checking on his wife and telling Pam exactly what to do.

How about Wendy Malick showing up again this week after her successful appearance on Night Court (story HERE) as Paul’s doctor. John Larroquette on Tuesday. Harrison Ford on Friday. It’s great to see her.

As for Paul, you have to wonder if Harrison Ford is just a rental on the show. He just got Yellowstone 1923 renewed and he’s still got another Indiana Jones on the horizon. His condition on the show could give him an exit if needed.

And let’s talk about Jessica Williams rocking the “Absolutely” by Nine Days in the car, while having a great week on the program as a whole. I didn’t see the divorce coming. I’m enjoying her work.

We also ended on something of a bummer with SNL’s Heidi Gardner character, Grace, apparently lying or going back to her boyfriend after making progress with Jimmy. Great hook here.

You know I’ll see you next week!

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