June 23, 2024

ESPN: Stephen A. calls latest Kyrie Irving trade demands “Idiotic”

Controversial NBA All Star and Brooklyn Nets guard, Kyrie Irving, is at it again. This time, demanding a trade from the Brooklyn Nets and insisting the trade take place before the trade deadline next week.

ESPN show host and NBA analyst, Stephen A. Smith, had a lot to say when asked about Irving on NBA Today with Malika Andrews…

“Idiotic. Let’s get that out of the way. Here is a guy in Kyrie Irving that for the last three years, has gotten most of his money, but missed more than fifty percent of his games.” began Smith and after praising Irving’s play continued, saying..”All we ever questioned was can the man go the rest of the season without being any kind of distraction.”

Early rumors have leaned towards Irving possibly going to Los Angeles and reuniting with LeBron James on the Lakers. The two had previously won a championship with the Cleveland Cavaliers.

“It would be absolutely spectacular if the Lakers were able to pull it off, but in order to do that they’d have to send away probably Russell Westbrook and if you do that, you get $47 million off your books. But to do that, Brooklyn would have to reunite KD (Kevin Durant) with Russell Westbrook. How you think KB is going to feel about that?”

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