Ghosts: Atari shirt man and Puny Brave Pete saves the day

Hooray! For the return of Ghosts this week. And we had a Latvian ghost trap and a RAV 4 take center stage, with the former possibly eviscerating some of our favorite spirits, and the latter costing Jay a lot of money and proving how complicated relationships can be even when you’re dead.

Let’s start with Freddie, who went to Sam and Jay after watching Trevor punch the keys in our last episode. He bought a bunch of ghost detecting junk including a trap. The problem was that the device actually worked, trapping Thor and Flower inside after Pete flaked on testing the machine after losing a dice roll.

It was actually Jay, (who was wearing an Atari shirt) who figured out the solution, which was to overload the machine with spirits. Pete volunteered and freed all three of them in the process. For those under the age of 40, an Atari was Playstation before Playstation was Playstation.

Let’s talk about Sass and his Toyota girlfriend, Jessica. After Freddie sold the car, Jay had to buy that car back and then sell it again, when everyone discovered that Jessica would basically be stuck in the driveway of the Woodstone for eternity.

It was kind of a bummer for Sass, who still hasn’t found love. Thor has Flower. Hetty has Trevor. Issac has Nigel, Jay and Sam…So on. But it was a harsh reminder of the consequences of moving too quickly.

Next week is the Trevor-centric episode with Tara Reid. While many of you think Trevor won’t be sucked off, I’m sticking with my original theory (story HERE).

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