Note: Sorry for the late Ghosts review. This is because Paramount Plus left me without service (story HERE). Let’s get on with it.. 00:28: So, they’re cancelling the podcast in the middle of the season before they solve Alberta’s murder? I like that Sam can see the ghost here andContinue Reading

Currently, I’m visiting family in Puerto Rico while trying to continue my rotation of reviews. Unfortunately, Paramount Plus isn’t available in Puerto Rico. I’d never heard of any of these exceptions until I got here. Its available everywhere else. Their only explanation is that they’re working hard to get serviceContinue Reading

Let’s not waste any time. I forgot that Crash existed. Seriously. This is one of my favorite sitcoms on TV right now and I thought someone was playing a prank on me this week, when the 50s ghost reappeared. But apparently he’s been on the show before. I’ll have toContinue Reading

We had a new Ghosts this week, and true to the its track record over its almost two seasons (with a third on the way), the show continues to bring back popular guest stars. This time, we had Elias (played by TV and movie veteran, Matt Walsh), as Hetty’s exContinue Reading