Ghosts: “Its like dating my teacher, and not in a hot way”

Hooray! Ghosts was back this week, and there was another ghost that I honestly forgot lived in The Woodstone, and she had some 80s relationship rage to take out on everyone at the mansion.

Stephanie the Prom Ghost (Odessa A’zion) was awakened from her slumber by Jay who was hiding some sneakers from Sam in a rare demonstration of secrecy between the two. Stephanie, jealous that she was one of the few ghosts not coupled up, decided that she was going to break up every other couple in the house. This included Jay and Sam, when the latter learned the former missed working in the city. Sam would eventually be inspired by Jay’s friend to turn the barn into a destination restaurant, which appears to be the next addition to the Woodstone for an already greenlit third season.

Trevor and Hetty would hit the rocks during a tea date with Issac and Nigel, and after a cleverly staged split would eventually start seeing each other on the sly again. Thor and Flower would avoid most of the drama through a shared love of owls, which is more complicated to explain than the scope of this post.

Stephanie would eventually discover the error in her ways and would fall in love with a cholera ghost in the basement. I thought they would try to pair her with Crash, but I guess he’s too old for her too.

Some notes…

Shame on Jay for mentioning Major League 2. We don’t talk about Major League 2.

Cheers to Jay for appreciating the smell of new sneakers.

I never thought of what the city might be like for Sam. Some good writing there.

Solid episode. We’re rolling towards the season finale nicely. The streets say it could be a cliffhanger.

See you next time!

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