June 23, 2024

Grand Crew: Likely series finale underlines how funny this improved gem was

Grand Crew aired its likely series finale this week, and I covered its run coast to coast. And it bums me out that this funny show, which only got better throughout its run, will be put out to pasture while streamers greenlight renewal on dozens of other programs.

But, I’m not going to mourn this entire post. Let’s appreciate the final two episodes.

Should Noah have been narrating the entire series?

From the cold open of the Wine and Journaling, Noah was good walking us through the group’s journey. Nicky finally getting Anthony to become a homeowner. Wyatt’s venture into fatherhood with his niece. And even his own relationship with the Google girl who could have sex for hours (complete with the toe shot from “Boomerang”) were all funny.

Then we moved into the second episode of the night, with that gruesome but really funny cold open with Nicky and the bottle. There was also the wine tasting competition which had Noah and Big Sherm coming in second but allowed Sherm to go to Paris to study wine. Everything was tied off in a neat bow with Noah completing his manuscript.

If we do get a third season, there would be a lot of entertaining paths to take.

NBC mishandled this show from the jump. Planting it on the Friday night TV desert where a comedy has yet to thrive for the network, was a probable death sentence.

But the show was good. If you do happen to come across this post after its run, give it a watch. Its an enjoyable friendship comedy that should have been among the other solid shows to do it right.

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