July 13, 2024

Rabbit Hole: Honestly, I can’t even follow what’s going on any more.

The show is called “Rabbit Hole”, I understood that it was never going to be a brain drain. But, after this latest episode, I can honestly tell you that I don’t understand all of the angles at play anymore.

So much so that I don’t even think I can summarize it effectively.

We started out with some flashbacks between Weir and Valance, which set the tone for “Gilgamesh” the name of the episode.

Then we had some questions about Ben’s loyalty again, which introduced us to John’s Sherlock Holmes way of thinking. “When you have eliminated the impossible, whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth.” you may have heard that quote before. This included the possibility that Ben may have been playing the group the entire time and wants this data shared act to pass.

We also had Hailey meeting with Madi, which lead to the latter turning in the sensitive dirty laundry to her boss. Her boss announced that the data could never see the light of day, and may have tried to bribe Madi. Whether it was sincere or not I couldn’t tell, but she requested her old job back and a chance to capture Weir (I suspect that she’s going to try to help him).

Then we had Kyle (that little ish) ambush John and set up a meeting between Weir and “Crawley” which turned out to just be another pawn. Maybe. I’m not even sure about that.

This led us back to the flat, where John confronted a potentially traitorous Ben before we learned that Valance was trying to protect John. The group rallies and the credits roll ahead of next week’s finale.

That’s what I think I saw. I can’t be sure.

The finale may ultimately determine the verdict for the entire series. I’m still on the fence. If we’re being honest, Meta Golding may be the only constant plus point for the show. This plot is a mess.

Let’s finish it next week.

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