Paramount Plus leaves me without service in Puerto Rico

Currently, I’m visiting family in Puerto Rico while trying to continue my rotation of reviews.

Unfortunately, Paramount Plus isn’t available in Puerto Rico. I’d never heard of any of these exceptions until I got here. Its available everywhere else. Their only explanation is that they’re working hard to get service here.

Well, if you’re a subscriber how is that supposed to help you now?

Plus, despite the fact I do reviews, I’m not given anything. I’ve got Paramount Plus with a veterans cellphone package.

This lapse in service devalues that entire deal with Puerto Rican veterans, veterans that visit frequently, or soldiers who are on active duty here.

And this is the third time Paramount Plus left me hanging this year.

I wanted to review “School Spirits” but couldn’t even watch it without a bounce back page (story HERE).

It took me an hour and forty five minutes to watch an episode of Tulsa King (story HERE).

Now this.

Listen, Paramount Plus has some good programming.

Season 3 of Picard had us high fiving in the streets. The best piece of ‘Trek’ fiction in some time.

Tulsa King is perfect for Stallone and did Grand Theft Auto better than anyone else who tries to do it in the future.

And where else can I watch my boys Beavis and Butthead? A friendship that is 30 plus years old.

But its no good if the service doesn’t work. Paramount Plus isn’t alone either. Netflix also tries to get more money from you in PR.

That being said my reviews on “Ghosts” (damn you for making me miss that) “Fire Country” and the finale of “Rabbit Hole” will all be late or cancelled altogether.

Let’s hope this gets fixed soon.

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