July 15, 2024

Night Court: OGs save a corny but warm season finale

Intro: Wow, at the end of the first season of the Night Court “reboot” already. We had some cliffhangers last week. Let’s see how Melissa Rauch and John Larraquette bring the show in for a landing taking us in for the summer and ahead of season 2.

:40 Criminal Abby looks absolutely adorable. And they brought back Jeff Dewitt played by the awesome Kurt Fuller. We’re loading up nicely.

1:35 Yo, what happened to our theme? Nope….Don’t like that.

2:00 Good one about the sun being a star that shines during the daytime, Dan. And we got Pete Holmes back for the finale. I’m predicting a break up with him and Abby.

3:35 I’ve advocated for Marsha Warfield doing a guest star stint next season while Gurgs is in England. That would also create the hand off a lot of fans could appreciate.

4:10 They have got to fix this canned laughter during the off season. They left Pete dangling in the wind with that long joke.

5:19 Abby’s jacket is cool. Wardrobe has had a solid season. Everybody has looked great.

6:35 This is getting kind of cartoony. Louise with the wire. Dewitt with the fake janitor costume.

8:20 I thought that the Dan vs. Abby argument should have had a tad more seriousness. Something a little more heartfelt.

9:57 Lets talk about that breakup. We’ve seen it coming for some time. I’m excited for what a single Abby means for next season, but Pete Holmes is also pretty good here. They should pencil him in for at least one appearance next season.

10:11 “Ya burnt” getting NBC Good Place vibes. Great show.

12:00 I don’t like the “Little Randscals” either. But there is some warmth with the team supporting Abby.

15:04 Serious question. Has there ever been a jury trial on Night Court before? I’m not so sure there has.

17:15 A dismissal. Of course, we’re not surprised but its kind TV at least.

20:20 I dunno. Besides Dan, Olivia may be one of my favorites. These dog-gone Night Court prosecutors.

21:04 Wow! A lot to take in here. Roz is back! And Dan went to Louisiana.

Wrap Up: Okay. So, there is a lot to unpack with this final scene. They have to bring Dan back to New York. And that can’t be all of the Marsha Warfield that we get.

The first season of Night Court was fine. It was a very safe “Newboot” but they should take some more chances next season. Make sure we bring back Larroquette and lets get edgier. Let’s find a solid new love interest for Abby and make every cold open a wild defendant centric outing.

And bring back the full theme! I’ll see you in the fall!

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