The Big Door Prize: A completely unproven theory about the Blue Dots and “The Next Stage”

The Big Door Prize: A completely unproven theory about the Blue Dots and “The Next Stage”

The Big Door Prize wrapped up its first season this week, and luckily for us it’s already been renewed because we didn’t get any questions answered. The two part “Deerfest” finale actually left us with more questions than what we began with.

In fact, we don’t even know what “The Big Door Prize” is yet.

But I’ve got some theories. Better phrased, guesses, on what the blue dots that started popping up on our characters, and what the next stage might be.

I’ve written about the blue dots before (post HERE), but I feel like I have a little more to go on now.

Three characters (that we know of) have the dots.

Dusty has had them on his rear since the jump. And they’ve multiplied.

Mr. Johnson, the shopkeeper, got them after he tried to pry open the Morpho Machine, and getting electrocuted in the process.

And the last shot of the season is of Hana’s back, which is riddled by them. She has been around the Morpho machine before.

All three have been skeptics or have opposed the Morpho at some point. It could be that the machine punishes those that don’t cooperate with the dots. That it possibly tries to mark them as non believers.

Now, lets talk about something not even Hana has seen. “The Next Stage”. Or the next curveball the Morpho is going to throw at Deerfield.

I believe the machine is evil. It’s cards have been responsible for fights and break ups.

But Deerfield has stuck together for the most part. We had some soft splits but nothing really serious. We’ve actually had some new couples find each other.

The next stage from the Morpho might be a little more aggressive.

Dusty’s arrow theory is right. What if the Morpho starts spitting out more divisive cards and really starts effecting everyone’s memory?

What if “The Big Door Prize” is a reward that will turn everyone against each other?

I’d say destroy the machine but we’ve already scene what happens.

Interesting first season. I’ll see you whenever season 2 arrives.

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