Ghosts: “A book about a regular guy, who was near some things, and crapped himself to death”

Happy to see a new episode of Ghosts back on TV this week. I can honestly say that when CBS gives this show the week off, its the one that I miss the most. They’re doing everything right at the moment.

Let’s talk about Issac’s book. Man, you really gotta love Sam some times. The things that she does for these ghosts. But after the publisher originally declined her transcript on Issac, her “humble brag” friend Isabel (played by Ilana Becker) and her Danish husband, Soren (played by Pitch Perfect 2 Das Soundmachine frontman, Flula Borg) pushed her into a lie. Ultimately, she tricked the publishers into printing the book anyways, but I thought they were going to take the Amazon self published route. Great arc. Issac is still the most spin-off worthy character on the show at the moment.

You know I can relate to Thor trying to keep Flower happy. Watching him reel in his anger and just “take it” at Pete’s behest, was funny. Wathching Sass and Alberta go after him for his preference to cod and his “sissy braids” was good TV. Flower would ultimately accept him as he is, because she’s great.

As you were, I too was also prepared for Trevor to tee off on Sam’s melon remarks in the kitchen. Watching Hetty encourage that behavior to keep up appearances was funny. I can’t wait to see what’s next for them now that they’ve been discovered.

Great show. See you next time!

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