July 24, 2024

Fire Country: They trashed Rebecca and their kidney donor storyline

Ah, Fire Country. The best good bad TV show on the air at the moment. This week, they punted on storylines twice and then sent a trashed character to the great casting room in the sky, in an almost laughable fashion.

And lets talk about Rebecca, played well by Fiona Rene, a corporate lawyer who would end up going to fire camp only to be a side chick and then be unceremoniously killed off.

She would work on a retrial for Charlie, and furlough for Bode, while ultimately saving Eve’s life. And in return..

Bode hooked up with her, only to break up with her almost immediately.

Then she would get gaslighted by Bode into thinking she was the problem so he could get with Gabriela.

And then ultimately killed her.

Thank you Fire Country writers.

Now let’s take a breath. Its a TV show. But man, what a lousy way to use and abuse a protagonist and then toss her in the trash.

And speaking about trash, let’s talk about the twist on Sharon’s kidney donor situation. I was ready for this arc to be done. Seriously. Now, we’re punting. We have three options left…

An unknown donor comes out of nowhere. Likely another accident victim that Bode or Cal Fire will fail to save.

Bode ultimately gives her the kidney and goes back to prison in the finale.

Sharon dies. Absolutely unacceptable. Diane Farr is the best actor on the show.

I’m not crazy about my choices.

And what is it about people getting trapped under things on Fire Country.

Stuck under a fallen tree.
Stuck in an amusement park ride.
Stuck in a protest device.
Stuck under a truck.
Stuck under a roof collapse.

All happened in this show’s first season.

Some positive feedback. I thought the twist with the corrections officer was neat. I thought that Bode would slug him and get thrown into fire camp solitary or something. It was unexpected and a happy moment in an otherwise downer episode.

And it looks like the show will finally address the arsonist storyline which has been idle for a very long time. Let’s see what they can do.

Until next time. RIP Rebecca.

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