Fire Country

(Some soft spoilers) No new Fire Country this week because of March Madness, so I thought I would take a look ahead at what’s in store for the best good bad show on television at the moment. They’re crushing it in the ratings and they were already renewed for seasonContinue Reading

Fire Country was back with a new episode this week, and thank goodness, they finally picked up on their arsonist storyline, probably their most intriguing angle of their successful freshman run. They want us to think it’s Jake. That’s too easy. It looks like it’s Collin. Let me explain. WhenContinue Reading

Oh, Fire Country, the best good ‘bad’ action drama on television right now. This week we had the best looking disaster we’ve seen on the show so far, and also unfortunately some of the worst character development we’ve seen on this young program as well. Let’s talk about both. StartingContinue Reading