June 23, 2024

Fire Country: It sure feels like Collin is the arsonist

Fire Country was back with a new episode this week, and thank goodness, they finally picked up on their arsonist storyline, probably their most intriguing angle of their successful freshman run.

They want us to think it’s Jake. That’s too easy. It looks like it’s Collin. Let me explain.

When the team starts evacuating the prison, we discover that Collin was fooling around with Jake’s information on the interwebs, hence the line that almost became the title of this post “Keep my name out of your google searches”. It’s very possible that Collin went into the computer and changed the information that Sharon was looking at.

Let’s talk about the second chat between Jake and Collin at the end of the show. It’s a distraction. Nothing more. If Jake truly was the arsonist, why would he run around advertising his childhood fire to anyone that would listen?

You’re a clever one, Max Thieriot. You’ve got all of those Tom Selleck fans fooled.

It’s Collin…. Or maybe Knox, the Prometheus worshiping leader of the hotshots….But probably Collin.

What happened to Sharon’s kidney this week? It wasn’t even mentioned? That’s lousy continuity. I got my Sharon Leone fix though. I’ll give you a pass.

Otherwise, this was a pretty solid episode. I enjoyed the prison evacuation, which at times was silly, like two inmates pulling out sharp objects in the infirmary while trying to kill each other. But other times was just plain fun, like Eve staring down an inmate.

I’m still invested. I’ll see you next time.

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